11 months and peeing in crate again!
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Thread: 11 months and peeing in crate again!

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    Default11 months and peeing in crate again!

    Guinness is 11 months old and a pretty good puppy. Yesterday and today he's peed in his crate, something he hasn't done for months and months. We're stumped. The first time was yesterday afternoon while we were home and he gave no signs. Now again this morning once we've woken up. He's definitely crate trained and he's used to being in there during the day, so I know he can hold it.

    Any ideas?


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    DefaultRe: 11 months and peeing in crate again!

    If he can usually hold it and it's re-occuring then i'd ask myself a few questions:

    Did I clean up the original mess with a solution that eliminates the ammonia in a dogs urine that we can't smell but lingers after we clean it with original human-grade cleaner? If not then he's probably smelling the original accident and going there again.

    If you say yes then maybe he's got a UTI? I would check that too if you can't think of any other reason

    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia


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