Throwing up and diarrhea
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Thread: Throwing up and diarrhea

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    DefaultThrowing up and diarrhea

    So I got boomer home today for the first time. The breeder had him until I made a move I was in the middle of. So here's the problem: He's been throwing up and having diarrhea! He ate in the morning with the breeder but I haven't fed him because I'm afraid that will upset he stomach more. I DID give him water and right after he throw up (looked like most of what he drank) and then had a diarrhea episode. He's been sleeping a lot also. I drove about 2 hours to get him. Could it be the car ride made him sick? Also, should I discontinue the water and food giving till tomorrow? When perhaps his stomach has cleared? Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

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    DefaultRe: Throwing up and diarrhea

    you really don't want him getting dehydrated - how old is he?

    its possible its stress
    its also possible he's really really sick

    there is no way we can tell on the net - unless he's himself in the morning I'd head to a vets for a once over... adn if he keeps vomitting all night I'd do it sooner

    i'll think good thoughts for you both - please keep us posted

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    Boomer07 Guest

    DefaultRe: Throwing up and diarrhea

    He's 16 weeks old. I think it might be stress also but like you suggested I think I'll take him to the vets if he's the same tomorrow morning. Thank you conrad for your help!!

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    DefaultRe: Throwing up and diarrhea

    I agree, take him to the vet just to make sure.

    But it could be stress related. Today he had a sudden change in his enviornment. Diarrhea is normal when they are stressed out. As for the throwing up, he could be just sick to his stomach from the sudden change. But a vet visit should be done anyway.

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    DefaultRe: Throwing up and diarrhea

    When we first got our pup home he was sick. It was about an hours car journey. I think it is just the stress. He also had diarrhea.

    We got our pup check out by the vet within a few days of having him and he had worms which the vet said was common for young puppies. The worms were causing the diarrhea and he was sick from the stress of the car journey and change.

    Hope this helps.

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    Boomer07 Guest

    DefaultRe: Throwing up and diarrhea

    Well, it's about 2 am here and he's thrown up twice and still has diarrhea. One thing I noticed when I picked him up was his stomach was bloaded. As if he was carrying! :suspious: But after all the diarrhea and vomiting it's gone down. Could the stomach looking "bloated" be a sign of something?

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    Boomer07 Guest

    DefaultRe: Throwing up and diarrhea

    Boomer is doing better today. He finally ate and he's playful. The only thing he still has is diarrhea. It's not like before. Before it was water. How many days with diarrhea is TOO many?

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    DefaultRe: Throwing up and diarrhea

    For a small puppy I would take them in if it lasted more than two days at most they get dehydrated really quickly and it's hard to recovery from. It could also be from dewormer maybe that the breeder gave him before sending him home.


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