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    DefaultStill a problem with people

    My yellow girl will be 4 this Sept so she is not a young pup but i still have a big problem when we encounter people on our walks or visitors at my house...she goes spastic, just does this crazy wiggling and jumping wildly hyper...she gets exercise. walks.etc comes home worn out, just let someone come to the door and.she does her wild one has ever seen anything like it.She is just perfect when we are alone, but it seems she hates people!!!!!She will not let them touch her or go near her. I spend a lotof time in tears over this, Iwant to include her in my circle of friends, but no one can take such hyperness. I think she is too old to change and will always be like vet just shakes her head about the situation..said she has never seen such an excitaible dog :'(

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    DefaultRe: Still a problem with people

    Find a friend (or more than one) that follows instruction well and has tons of patience.

    Start with friend at one end of a block, you and the dog at the other. Have dog in a sit stay, rewards on hand to give her when she holds the stay. Ask friend to start walking towards you, regular pace. The instant pup breaks her sit stay, your friend is to stop, turn his/her back on you and walk 5 paces away. Once she's back in a stay, your friend can start back towards you. Repeat, repeat repeat till your friend can walk the full block to you in one go. Then do it again the next day with someone new. Then you can add in details - the friend can approach, say hello to you, pat the dog, etc. Abruptly leaving when the dog jumps or gets over the top

    Same procedure at the house. Have her leashed and in a sitstay near the door - have your friend on the front step - friend opens the door, if pup holds stay, friend enters. If she breaks, friend turns around and leaves, closing door behind them.


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