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    My girl, Willow, just turned 2 in March. She loves her Buddy's Glow Ball. Unfortunately, Sergeant Pet company bought the company that originally made it and replaced it with the "Powzer Ball". She doesn't like it. The Buddy's ball was thick (it took her a year to finally puncture it) and soft. She LOVED playing fly ball with it in the house. She would actually retrieve it from her toy basket and bring it to us to throw for her. Does anyone else want Sergeant to bring the original Buddy glow ball back? A woman by the name of Trilby Fisher has started a petition on the petition site for Sergeant to bring it back. The link is here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/397225997. Please pass the word, so all the dogs out there who miss their Buddy's Glow Ball can have them again.


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    sounds like a modified lacrosse ball... thick rubber kinda heavy. maybe not. i use those in the yard with my other dog and he loves it!

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    That's hilarious...my old girl used to go everywhere with her Buddy Ball and I tried in vain to get her one for her 10th birthday last year. I go the Powzer ball and another and she just looked at them.
    Great idea...I'll sign

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    Henry has two Buddy's Balls and they don't leave the house for fear that he'll lose them and never to be found/replaced again! I'll sign!!


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