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    Well Brody will be 12 weeks and is teething badly. The problem is he is really hurting when he bites. He has cut my hands and fingers, ripped my pants from jumping up and biting. I was wondering if anyone has used a muzzle? I was also wondering about a training collar, what age can you start using them. He is already over 35 lbs. When does the teething stop? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    DefaultRe: TEETHING

    You need to redirect him to an appropriate chew toy.

    Milly is 4.5 months old and she's right in the middle of teething and she chews alot.

    I suggest you get a wet towel and chuck it in the freezer and give him that frozen to help him with his teething. Frozen kongs and frozen baby carrots help too.

    You need to also address his jumping up on you before he gets too big and starts to bowl you over! When he jumps on you turn your back on him and ignore him! If you give him ANY attention at all he is succeeding in the reason he is jumping up on you!

    Good Luck!
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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    DefaultRe: TEETHING

    Welcome to the wonderful world of bitey puppies! I myself am sporting a lovely cut on my wrist from my ever exuberant teether. I would not recommend a muzzle...they are for aggressive dogs and your puppy is just being a puppy. He's not going to learn not to bite with a muzzle on. You need to teach him, as Sarahnye said, not to chew you - but to chew a toy. Here are some tips:

    1) Go out and buy some cheap puppy play clothes. I have several pairs of cheap jeans and sweats just for playing with puppies and I don't care if they get holes in them. It will save your sanity.

    2) Puppy is biting you? Yelp! Let the puppy know...the same way another puppy would...that you are being hurt. Walk away and ignore the puppy.

    3) Have another toy handy? Yelp! Pull your appendage from the puppy's mouth and offer the toy as a substitute. The frozen towel is a wonderful idea.

    4) Buy Bitter Apple. Normally used to discourage puppy from chewing items in your home...you can spray it on your hands, jeans, shoelaces, etc. to keep puppy from chewing on you.

    Please try to have patience with your puppy. These sharp little teeth will fall out...but puppy is still going to be a chewer. And puppy needs to chew things to set his teeth properly so make sure you have plenty of different items for him to chew. This can be a very difficult time for owners to get through...but we've all been there.

    Good luck!
    Melissa, Remy & Brooklyn

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    DefaultRe: TEETHING

    My Bailey was a BAD biter when she was a pup - it was a shock to me that this was normal puppy behavior. I had the cuts on my hands & arms as well as ripped pants & shirts from her.
    Good advice directed above - we did very similar things.
    We used a combination of:
    - close her mouth (with our hand) when she'd bite & say "No Bite!" (we tried the yelping, but that didn't work for us)
    - re-direct her to an appropriate chewing toy (as she got older we'd also redirect her to "kisses" and she learned that was acceptable)
    You need to find out what works for you & your pup - each are individuals.
    Good luck & don't give up if the first thing doesn't work right away!

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    DefaultRe: TEETHING

    Oh boy our poor Denali is starting getting his big rear teething coming in and he is in so much pain. He picks up a toy plays with it for about 5 mins then moves on to another one and so forth. Last night was really bad he didn't even want to be cuddly with us just wanted to be alone and chew on something and he had a little fever (nose was a little warm and his mouth too) but this AM after eating 2-3 ice cubes and chewing on a Kong seemed to get back to being a little cuddlier. Still has a little whine when he is chewing but his noise and mouth were OK.


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