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    Defaultgetting puppies birdy

    I am a duck hunter and want to know how and when to introduce puppies to live birds. My puppy now 6 month old was at the breeders for 5 months who was supposed to do some basic training, house breaking, crate traininig intro to birds etc. but I am not sure how much training happened.

    My puppy does so so with bumbpers but not very interesed in frozen birds. I took teal out to the trainer and she had pigeons around for the puppies.

    I was hoping to rev her up a little bit with intro to live birds. Using a quail and work my way up to ducks. How and when do you intro to live birds.



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    I intro puppies to a live pidgeon at as soon as you can would be perfect

    How did your pup react to the pidgeons at your trainers?

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    Oliver was introduced to live birds before he was 3 months old. He LOVED them.

    Maybe try with a not-frozen bird??

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    I start mine at ~6 wks and try to keep them tuned up every month or so on live birds if at all possible, thru at least 6-8 mos if possible.

    If you have a rural area to walk your pup safely offlead, there is nothing better than walking w/ an experienced dog(s) and letting the pup see the other dogs' excitement when they find some quail, doves, etc to flush up.


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