need advice puppys destroying everything
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Thread: need advice puppys destroying everything

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    Defaultneed advice puppys destroying everything

    hi my labs both six months have found a way to get out of their kennel when im gone they go nuts chewing up shoes, trash, peeing on the couch cushions chewing up toilet paper, my clothes, they even chewed open the kitty litter bag and spread kitty litter everywhere! they go into their food bins and eat at least 4lbs was gone that day. they don't do any of this when i am there. they jump on my bed and chew the blankets they have chewed my blinds how can i stop them from doing this when i leave? also they always use the the bathroom inside when i gone but never when im there. advise would be very helpful thanks

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    DefaultRe: need advice puppys destroying everything

    I'd suggest you re-think the type of crate you are using.

    Also, are they only crated when you are gone? I would suggest you crate them while you are at home too so they know that the crate isn't only used when you leave them.

    Others will have alot more suggestions for you i am sure

    I do have one question though - what posessed you to get 2 labs the same age AND as puppies at the same time? Double Trouble by the sounds of it!!!

    cheers, Sarah
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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    DefaultRe: need advice puppys destroying everything

    I agree with the above!

    what type of crate are you using (material/latch)? are both in the same crate?
    Can you put the crates in a "safe room" where they at least could not hurt themselves (until you figure out what holds them in)?

    With our dog Dryf, he would learn how to escape crates. Eventually we used a strong twisty (like a thick wire type thing) to hold the latch in place. Without it he knows to push the handle up enough to escape (it's a metal crate).
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: need advice puppys destroying everything

    I think I would try a different type of crate or use a "D" clip (like a climber uses) to secure the door if that's how they are getting out. If your using a wire crate maybe try an airline crate or vice versa. If they are in the same crate maybe try seperating them. Try exercising them a little more before you leave maybe or give them a frozen kong before leaving to keep them entertained for a little while. I would also try to keep them in a room that's pretty puppy proofed with a baby gate (if it will hold them in) or shut the door to at least minimize the damage if they escape their crate.


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