Clicker Training with Multiple Dogs
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Thread: Clicker Training with Multiple Dogs

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    DefaultClicker Training with Multiple Dogs

    I had my first "real" introduction to clicker training in a fun "pet tricks/meet and great" class given by the therapy group I am part of. I've always wanted to try clicker training and this was the push I needed!

    Anyhoo, this is brand new and I'd like to start using it regularly with Rocky. in fact, I'd like to start trying it with my foster as well...and this is my question:

    Should I separate the dogs when starting clicker training? If Rocky is next to me as I start the "association" phase with Tundie will that confuse him (seeing as he is just beginning himself)?

    I live in a 1 bedroom so my choices of where to train and separating dogs is limited!

    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: Clicker Training with Multiple Dogs

    i clicker train one dog at a time and the other two are made to wait their turn, and since we do this in the same room, the two that are not being trained just watch and wait for their turn. the dogs don't get confused about the training.

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    DefaultRe: Clicker Training with Multiple Dogs

    if Brody hears ANYTHING that might be a click (a pen for example) he races over to see if it might be for him

    Sally seems to have no trouble at all distinguishing when I click for her as opposed to anybody else

    Hank starts drooling when he hears a click but waits til its about him to get involved

    I agree that you can work one then the other but I do think being newish to clicker training and working two dogs both new to it it would be easier to crate one with a Kong or something - work one then switch them up

    the other choice might be to have two different sounding markers and put each dog on a different marker

    I have actually "loaded the click" for mulitple dogs in one session - click - treats from heaven - click treats from heaven... but I don't always bother loading a click anymore ..I just start marking and the click kind of self loads...

    one thing I like is you can change your approach if what you try first doens't work for you or a dog

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