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    DefaultAgility question (NLR)

    A friend at work has a border collie pup who's about three months old. She is involved in our local search and rescue and is taking steps to get Rodeo involved too. She is also interested in taking agility classes with him. Would these two activities go well together or not? I was wondering if the need to be fast for agility would hinder his need to be methodical at search and rescue or vice-versa?

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    DefaultRe: Agility question (NLR)

    I think that dogs can be trained to do a bunch of different things, and excel at all of them (esp. a border collie!)

    Baloo has taken courses for competition obedience, as well as agility, and he does both very well, even though they are very very different.
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    DefaultRe: Agility question (NLR)

    I don't see it as problematic

    foundation work for both activities involves paying attention- learning where your body is and thinking...

    at 3 months old it will be a LONG tinme before pupperoo is doing anything other then foundation work

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