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    DefaultHELP crate training!!!

    We picked up our new pup (molly) 2 weeks ago. We have been trying to crate train her. She does not go potty in her crate at all, however when we let her out she doesn't let us know when she has to go and will go on the floor. Of course the first place we take her is outside as soon as she comes out of the crate. She'll do potty outside, come in, eat, play and than go potty on the floor. She gives us no sign that she has to go. We try to run her out immediately but she'll just keep peeing all the way out the door.
    This is our second lab. The first one (Duke) is about a year and a half old. He was very easy to train and is a good dog. Now, I'm not saying Molly is not a good dog. She is very, very smart, knows her name and already sits on command.
    We know that we are probably doing something wrong in training her. Maybe we are keeping her out of her crate too often. Should we just let her out to go potty, eat, drink and play for only about 20 minutes at a time until she is trained? Also do you think it would help if we took both dogs out at the same time? Right now we take Molly out first and then Duke. Duke is a big lab (107 lbs), so we try to focus on one at a time while outside.
    also, when molly does potty outside ( which she does everytime we take her out) we always give her a treat and have a little praise party to let her know what a good doggy she was.
    Any help is appreciated. We are at a loss on how to correct this problem.

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    DefaultRe: HELP crate training!!!

    You said that you take the pup outside right away after coming out of the crate, which is the right thing to do. But you need to remember that young puppies need to go to the bathroom almost immediately after eating, and playing. You can't expect a puppy to "let you know" when he needs to go. You need to take him outside immediately after eating, playing, drinking water, and of course after coming out of the crate which you said you already do. House training is a matter of repetition. The more often the puppy gets praised and rewarded for going outside, the faster the dog will be trained. I've read about a lot of people on this site that expect a puppy to go 3 hours or more without an accident in the house. I'm not saying that your one of those people, but that is insane. Odie had to pee every half hour when I first got him. You just have to get used to going outside for awhile. After a few weeks or a month, the dog will be able to hold his bladder for awhile, and it will be less frequent, and he'll start to show signs of when it's time to go out. You just have to watch. Be patient. And never scold a dog for having an accident in the house. If you do, they'll only learn that you think going potty is bad, and they'll sneak off and do it in wierd places in your house when your not looking. Good luck. Just be patient. It'll pay off.


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