Ankle bitting when jogging
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Thread: Ankle bitting when jogging

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    DefaultAnkle bitting when jogging

    I have started taking Tundie for jogs. He's by far the worst dog I've ever had on a jog (and I've taken quite a few) despite the fact he has more energy and stamina than most.

    I fully realize he finds the run boring as heck. He wants to herd, chase something, play tug, ANYTHING but just run.

    The issue I need advice on:
    he bites at my calves. Only on a run, we've walked around alot and that doesn't seem to get his excitement up enough to bite. I realize this is EXACTLY what he was bred to do but I need suggestions on how to properly correct. Do I use a leash correction and firm no? If I do the "push gum on tooth" correction it would lag behind the action (time for me to bend down and correct).

    Funny story - he cuts across me (right to left) often. This I am working on. But when he does, he pushes into me. Today he cut in and I lost balance and fell! LOL! what a goofball. Usually I am "on my toes" enough to see him and stabilize myself or correct.
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    DefaultRe: Ankle bitting when jogging

    Short of having to stop your run to correct him "too late" I would use your leash. 4ft at the most to give him less leeway and this might help with him trying to cut in front of you as well. Another idea would be to use his name to get his attention and when he looks at you praise him softly as to not excite him any more than he already is. He is a dog breed to heel and you are basically trying to untrain him to do what he was bred to do. May take some time and patience but I think he will get the idea.


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