Help! Puppy Eating Poop!
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Thread: Help! Puppy Eating Poop!

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    QuestionHelp! Puppy Eating Poop!

    Please help! I caught my 8 week old puppy eating her own poop last night. It was not poop she found in the back yard. I know this is disgusting, but it was what she had just eliminated. Why would she do this? Is she hungry? Please tell me how to stop this nasty habit. Thanks.

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    Hopefully someone will offer more help than me. But it is not uncommon, if that makes you feel any better. There are meds that supposedly reduce the desire but I never went that way.

    Teach leave it, stay on top of your dog when it is doing its business and get it picked up. Picking up is a good idea anyway. Remember on teaching leave it, it is good to have an even better treat in your hand to reward the right behavior.
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    One of mine used to do that. It has nothing to do with hunger - just a nasty thing that dogs do because - well they can be gross. And he stopped eventually on his own.

    I had no luck at all with the over the counter pills that are supposed to make poop unpalatable for dogs. But some people have success with Fig Newtons.

    And - your puppy should be pretty closely supervised at 8 weeks so picking it right up should not be so hard to do.
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    We just started our two JRT'S on the over the counters for Coprophagia. So far so good. I put them both on it because they are in the same kennel and it makes all of the poop taste yucky...oh so I have heard. lol

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    Defaultpoop eating

    I read somewhere that if you feed them a little pineapple their poop isn't nearly as appealing to them. Thank god my 3 didn't do that. It also helps to pick up right off so they don't get the chance.

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