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    Odie is 13 weeks old and I've had him for a little over a week. On the first day he pooped in the crate when I left him in there for 1 hour by himself. After that he kept his crate clean for 7 straight days, and he was in the crate for up to 3 hours at a time.

    On monday he pooped in the crate again, but I'm pretty sure it's because my roommate neglected to let him outside while I was at work.

    Today I had my sister come over two hours before I got home from work to let Odie outside. Yet when I got home there was poop in the crate, and he was laying down in it. It didn't even seem to bother him.

    I know that dogs won't go to the bathroom in their bed unless they absolutlely have to. His crate is just big enough for him to lay down and turn around in. I'm guessing that he pooped in the crate today because my sister let him out to pee, but didn't keep him out long enough to poop.

    This is my first lab, and I was wondering how old does he generally have to be before he can "hold it" I know he won't crap in his bed unless he has to, but I have seen him go anywhere between 2 and 6 hours at night.


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    DefaultRe: Pooping in Crate

    Well, every dog is different I guess. I think it was around the 4 month mark before I recall there never being any surprises in there from time to time? All I can say is get him into a routine - feed him when you know you'll have at least 30-40 minutes with him to get him outside to potty completely after. Is your sister feeding him when she comes over? (like a full meal?) If so, she may need to stay a touch longer with him if she can. (I find my dogs will go 20 minutes after meals,that's why I ask)

    All in all, I'd say he's doing really well for a little guy in a week!
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    DefaultRe: Pooping in Crate

    It varies so much it's hard to say for sure. I don't think I ever found a poo mess in Mocha's crate and she was crated for 4 hours at a time right away. She is also strange that she doesn't poop right after eating ever. It's at least a few hours. Now she only goes once maybe twice a day but she went more as a puppy.

    First make sure to clean the crate really well with hydrogen peroxide or an enzyme cleaner to get rid of all the smell. Then just try to be extra vigilant about making sure he goes before you leave (or whoever lets him out). Exercise normally works well to get things moving if he doesn't want to go so take him for a walk or play a little fetch and see if he will go then.

    Good luck.


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