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    Well, I'm going to pick up my boy tomorrow. I wanted to purchase a crate today but don't know what size I should get. I've heard getting a 42' with a divider is a big enough crate for a lab to grow in. Should I consider something bigger then that? Also, I'm planning on not putting anything in there but a couple of indestructible toys. Since he's a puppy I don't want to put a blanket he can chew up or do his thing on. Is that a wise choice from my part? Thank you ahead for your advice. π

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    If you're bringing home a lab, you certainly don't need anything larger than 42"....mine are all 36" and they fit just fine. Personally, I do put a crate pad in there until the prove they can't have it (potty on or shred it) because I'm taking them outside more than enough. Nylabones are the only things I put in there with them. Good luck with your pup!

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    I have one 36" and one 42" I don't see any need for anything larger than that. Get one that has a divider so you can make it smaller for now while you are potty training.
    I also didn't do any bedding I did try but she shredded it so it's best to just leave it out until they can prove they won't eat or pee on it.


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