Barking, yikes! Those with barkers please help.
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Thread: Barking, yikes! Those with barkers please help.

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    DefaultBarking, yikes! Those with barkers please help.

    My terrier mix Lilly has always barked at people with dogs going by our yard while she is out in the fenced area. Barnsley never really participated before. Apparently she has convinced him that there is danger all around and now he even raises hair on his neck and jumps and barks with her. The little one makes such a rucus and of course she is rewarded when the people leave the area as they walk by. Does anyone have any good ideas for stopping barking. Food does not work for the terrier since she gets highly agitated and will focus on nothing else. I think I need to help her so Barnsley will be okay. He can be called away with the promise of treats. Any suggestions??? Thanks

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    DefaultRe: Barking, yikes! Those with barkers please help.

    I have the same situation. My little mix barks at everything. When Sammi, the lab was younger, she ignored Casey, the barker. But then when she turned a year old or so, Sammi would get her hackles up and bark, too. I'm always outside with them, so if Casey started barking at people, I would get Sammi to come play fetch. Well, she never turns down fetch! So now, whenever Casey barks at people, Sammi comes looking for me to play fetch!

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    DefaultRe: Barking, yikes! Those with barkers please help.

    You'll need to be outside with them, and give them something else to do besides bark. As above, fetch is good, or obedience work, or games of any kind.

    Your neighbours will thank you!

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    DefaultRe: Barking, yikes! Those with barkers please help.

    Treats will only reinforce that this is the behaviour that you want.

    If ours bark when I don't want them to, they're told to pack it up, preceded by an OI! if required to get their attention. But if you have a dog that already has esculated into habitual barking, you're going to need to do a lot of training to get it to stop.

    Kind of similar is our old foster we've recently taken on, she's toy possessive, and when out with our other dogs in the garden she doesn't know how to play. So I don't let her, I block her with my body and posture, and if she tries to get past me I just take hold of her collar or harness, and give her a gentle check and tell her NO! She's an oldie, so she doesn't need mauling about. She is learning already that Indie and Tau play with their toys and she doesn't interfere (if she knew how to play she'd be wecome to join in, but the fact is she has no idea). She's doing ok, but its going to take a fair bit of work, she really is quite neurotic.

    Treats are used when you ask for something and they get it right, they should never be used to 'bribe' them away from a behaviour you don't want, they will learn quite easily the way to get treats is precisely to carry out the behaviour you don't want in this instance.


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