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    Have 9 wk old pup. We can't seem to find a chew toy that will occupy her for very long. Have tried rope toys, Nylabones (tried durable and flexible, and holding off on edible because she's so young?), puppy kong, stuffed it with cream cheese, puppy rawhide sticks (supervised), rubber bones. Trying to steer clear of the wide range of rawhides/pig ears, etc. because I've heard they can be a hazard. We have a lot of options around and we praise every time she plays with or nibbles on them. But she doesn't "get into" chewing them for very long. We think it would help occupy her in the crate if she would. Any advice on other toys to try? BTW, she WILL sample rug fringe, pant cuffs, chair rungs, etc. so there's some interest .... Is she too young to be into chewing toys?

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    At 9 weeks old, I would play with the pup for 15-30 minutes and tend to find it ready for a nap. Lots of sleeping at the age. I am sure the toys you have will interest the pup in time. They are all different.
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    Thanks Hershey's dad. Your perspective on her age helps me give this a context. OUr new pup is a chocolate female - named Maisy. We're in love! Your choc is beautiful!

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    I agree with Ed (H's K's Dad).

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