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    On the advice of my trainer, I got Parker a pinch or prong not sure what it's called. She had one at class last week and we tried him with it and it worked pretty well in correcting him. Can I use this to keep him down from the counters. They said something about using a shorter leash to do this. Can some of you give me some advice. Thanks.

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    DefaultRe: Pinch Collar

    I would not allow a dog to drag a leash with a prong collar attached. Unless you are on the other end of that leash, they should not wear a training collar of any sort unsupervised.

    Counter surfing is one of those diffcult (I would say near impossible) habits to break because it is self reinforcing. The dog associates jumping up with something VERY positive -- food. Food is primary reinforcer for dogs and especially dogs that are obsessed with eating anything edible like Labs. Therefore, prevention is the best policy. You can try to correct the behaviour through discipline, but a clever dog will quickly learn to steal the food from behind your back.

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    The only way I've found to curb countersurfing at our house is to keep the counters clear of ANYTHING. I tried everything else when Henry was younger... booby-trapped cookie sheets, double sided tape, you name it, we tried it. I now keep my counters clear of anything he might grab and it works for us!

    Does he still pop up to see what's up there? Sure, but those occasions are few and far between. The less he's rewarded for it, the more the behaviour is fading.

    I also agree... do not let your dog drag a leash with a prong collar.

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    DefaultRe: Pinch Collar

    I quickly learned to keep counters clean and sponges hidden when I cleaned up pink poop that looked suspiciously like the sponge I lost. Every once in a while I get a white one. He likes to cruise the trash when he can get to it also. Maybe I should get colored paper towels so I can have some fun guessing what color I might pick up.


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