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    Ihave a black lab who got afraid of thunderstorms one day he just started freaking out he was 10 when it started we went to a animal behaviorst and she said dogs are fell the electrical charge in the air my brother has a next door neighbor lady who had a saint benheard who had the same thing she had to have her put down due to other illness problems associated she was so sweet the thing I am asking is are there any of you who have labs or other dogs who have the samething sorry for being so long

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    I suggest you read through this thread on a similar topic:

    My Bess, as she aged, gradually got more and more frightened at loud thunder storms to the point we'd give her 5 mg. of Valium to ease her through the bad ones. (And they can get pretty bad in Kansas.) Puff doesn't like them either but she leaves me and my territory and goes into the bathroom/storm shelter which has 4" reinforced concrete walls and ceiling. Smart dog.

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    Our oldest lab, Jesse, is afraid of thunder and fireworks. Strangley enough....that is it. Gunfire, loud stereos going down the road, the engines on our dozers and tractors....doesn't bother her a bit. I will say that we do reassure her, just not baby her. We got Jesse when she was 5. I have found that by reassuring her she seems to have trusted us a lot quicker. Now when a storm rolls in (whether we are home or not) I will find her in the bed, which she is allowed in, resting soundly. Almost like she is saying "this is mom and dad's bed and they said I was safe here from the storm". With each storm season, she seems to get a little better. Be patient and good luck.

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    Some people believe that the change in air pressure exacerbates the fear of thunderstorms, which means that a desensitization program involving recordings of thunderstorms can be only so helpful. Nonetheless, a careful program of desensitization to loud noises could help a lot.

    Our former trainers had good success with this program and recommended the recordings: Of course you would need a very good stereo to reproduce the loud noises properly.

    I agree with Bob (in the thread he linked) that it's best to implement this protocol with the help of an experienced trainer or (better) behaviorist.

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