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    DefaultPulling.. Jumping.. Oh my!!

    Well, let me start by saying, when Lucky Dog was a pup, I would let her wander around on my retractable leash. I wanted to her gather in all the sights and smells around her as we walked around the block. she would often walk until the leash reached its limit, but would generally come back to me when I called. not the greatest way to train a dog to heel right?

    A few months (and about 30 lbs) later, she would often pull at the end of the leash, meandering side to side. It drove me nuts. Whenever she saw another dog or any person within 15 feet of her, she would rush towards them; I would then click the trigger on the retractable leash, and cringe when she came to a sudden stop.

    I talked to a local trainer, and she told me that it was quite easy to train a dog to walk with a loose leash. She claimed she could get Lucky Dog to walk nicely in one session. I thanked her and quickly checked some posts here and purchased a couple books on training, feeling it was best if I could learn to train my baby!

    So I set the leesh's length to about 6 feet, and put a pocketful of training treats of in my pocket and set off on our daily walk. Whenever Lucky would pull on the leash, I would stop in my tracks (without yanking or pulling). I would wait patiently until she sat or wandered back to me. Then I'd say, "OK, let's go." When we took a few steps forward, because the leash was loose, I would praise and treat her. Occasionally when we walked, I would praise her because she wasn't pulling on the leash, because I wanted her to to understand the reward was not for pulling and then stopping, but for the loose leash. I did this for about two days. She quickly learned that if she pulled too hard, we would stop.

    It's been about a week, and although she occasionally tries to take the lead, it's much nicer because I don't have to grip the leash as if I was hanging off a cliff for dear life!!

    Lucky is quick to learn what behaviors I do not approve of with me, but anyone else is game. When she was teething, she wouldn't bite me, but anyone else near her mouth would feel the pain of her needle teeth. Now that she's older, she wants to jump on everyone, but of course, she rarely jumps on me. I try to have her sit whenever someone approaches us on our walks, but as soon as she does, she'll jump ten feet in the air when they come close. It seems most people are put off by this behavior and after a few words, go on their way. The ones that don't mind, are teaching my pup that it's alright to jump on them.

    I feel that Lucky has been lacking with the socialization part of her growth, and want her to meet as many dogs and people as she can; but since she's doing the pogo dance, people don't seem all that excited to meet her.

    Sorry for the length of the post! I hope I'm not rambling too much.

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    DefaultRe: Pulling.. Jumping.. Oh my!!

    So it sounds like you're pretty much good with the leash walking then, right? So I'll skip right along to the jumping on greeting.

    Unfortunately, the only "cure" for this one that I've been able to find is exposure. Getting her around people a lot, and making sure she sits when being pet. If strangers are too intimidated, try with friends or co-workers.

    I try to take Baloo somewhere "public" every day. Different pet stores, kids soccer/baseball games, outdoor events that allow dogs, etcetera etcetera.... I make sure he sits. if he's too excited, I'll either hold him in the sit while people pet him, or I'll just say something like, "He's a little too excited to be pet right now". The more he sits on greetings, the more he associates greeting with sitting, know what I mean?

    he still will jump up if he's "fresh" (lots of energy, not tired at all) or if people rush up to him, but he has gotten MUCH better since I've implemented the "every day" routine.
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    DefaultRe: Pulling.. Jumping.. Oh my!!

    Potter so far (at 8 months) isn't much of a jumper. But I was anxious about it because we have a friend who got her lab two months before we did who has a huge jumper on her hands (and by huge I mean 100 lbs). So we followed our trainer's advice and started making him sit, for everything: to be petted, to get a treat, before we go outside, before we go inside, to have his leash put on, etc. Once the idea of sitting for good things set it, now he does it naturally. When anyone walks in the door, he runs up to the door, and then sits because he knows he doesn't get petted by us until he sits.

    I know this doesn't exactly fit your problem, but I think if you work on having him sit for all good things, sitting will become his natural response rather than jumping. It worked for us; he doesn't jump on people when we're out on walks or when they come inside our home. At some point, it just clicked for him. I'm sure it will for Lucky Dog, too.

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    DefaultRe: Pulling.. Jumping.. Oh my!!

    Oh, I'm so glad that someone posted about jumping up to get petted by strangers. Logan won't do it with us (because he knows we reprimand him & make him sit before we give him ANYTHING) but he definitely takes advantage of friends & family who come in our home as well as strangers and children he meets on our walks. He's a very excitable dog and I cringe every time someone on the street runs up to him squealing about what a cute puppy he is because it just feeds into his excitement and leads to more jumping - blah!

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    DefaultRe: Pulling.. Jumping.. Oh my!!

    Oke .. back to basic

    Finaly you have three .. yes 3 .. probles if i read you're story

    - Jumping up
    - pulling on the leash
    - you're not in controll

    If i was you, i should be started with shorten the leash, i dont know exactly how long 6 feet is in meters, but it sounds to me, that it is very long! ;D

    So, shorten that line please

    Pulling on the leash .. oke, first try to understand why you're dog is pulling on the leash, well the answer is verry simple .. he/she wants as quick as possibel from point A to B .. that's basicly all she/he wants ;D

    If you let him sit, and turn around and follow a different way (with out a choke chain) then the hint will be clear ... just keep up repeating that ...

    Jumping up .. auch! .. some dog's can realy make a nasty jump in to you special the larger one's

    Evry time he/she jumps up, just pull you're knee up and direct it toward the dog .. trust me, it works :-X

    Last thing .. try to keep or get her attention at all time, and make clear commands, mostly you see people give their dog's complete lines with commands .. stop that, it just make no sence to them, and watch out for you're body language, that last thing is very important for a dog. We all have expierence from time to time that some dog's starts laying down on the floor, if he/she detects an other dog, that's just the part when the communication starts between those dog's and one way or the other way, that energy must be released at that moment (in a bad way, or a positive way)

    So, you must always be in control .. al the way! .. suc6!


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