Confused 11 week old puppy
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    Our puppy is confused and it's our own fault. We have two adult chihuahuas. We lived in an apartment for most of there lives and have been in our house with a nice yard for over a year. Because we lived in an apartment, the Chihuahuas were paper trained. They do potty outside about 50% of the time but we still put pad down.
    Now we have our 11 week old chocolate lab. She does potty outside but she likes the pee pads also. I think she would rather use the pads than go outside. I'm not sure what to do. I do not want her to use the pads and I think it's to late to change our Chihuahuas behavior. I'm sure when she is 80 lbs she will still think she is 7 lbs like other two dogs.

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    It is really not too late to re-train the adult Chis. I would work towards that and remove the pee pads starting now.

    You are right - an 80# dog can produce way more pee than a pee pad can handle. And if the Chis are doing this indoors you will always have that odor around and the Lab will be really hard to truly house train.
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    Retraining the Chi's will be the best answer. They are so stubborn.

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