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    So Buddy's learnt that he must go outside to pee, but he has yet to grasps the concept that he must poop outside as well... How do I get him to recognize both of these are to be done outside.
    I take him out every 15 mins, and the last time he pooped i took it outside with me and droped it on the ground and let him walk up to it and sniff it, right after I scolded him about the inside poop... this time he looked up at me then back at the moved poop and I said nothing. so he went on about his walking business and came back off and on to smell it. but yet nothing has worked.

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    this article should help:

    often times, scolding/punishing a dog for potty-poop inside gives them the idea that they are getting punished for being caught doing it, ie human doesn't like to watch. if this wrong communication is made, the dog will start hiding and pottying-pooping inside, which is much harder to train against.

    you need to be patient and consistant in the timing of bathroom breaks, minimizing accidents, and give excessive praise & rewards when your dog eliminates outdoors.

    dogs don't easily learn by example. you cannot simply show them something repeatedly and hope that they understand. they understand rewards and punishments, but rewards can be very effective in helping them understand, "if you do this, you will get this reward." with punishment, you must have better timing and hope that you punish the appropriate, unwanted behavior. else, you end up punishing something completely unrelated to what you are trying to accomplish.

    it takes longer for some dogs to make the connection that you want them to potty-poop outside, and even after that, they have to make another realization and come up with a way to communicate their need to go outside to potty to you, and typcially, we have to be meet them half way and try to deteremine what their signals are.

    some dogs go to door and wait. some dogs bark. some scratch the door or paw and nudge you relentlessly. some ring a bell attached to the doorknob, etc.

    "Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend." ~ Corey Ford

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    Thank you
    Wow, a bell on the door sounds fancy.
    again thanks so much


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