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    DefaultLength of training sessions

    Ok, I have been perusing these forums the last couple of weeks and haven't found an answer to this question. As a bit of background my Black Lab is just over 4 months old now. We have been attending Puppy Class and are moving onto the beginner obedience class. Since that class doesn't start for a couple more weeks I figured I'd ask here.

    I was told to limit "training time" to about 2 - 10 minute sessions a day. Part of this is to gauge the puppy's interest level, but that you do not want to overdo it to the point where they loose all interest. What is a good guideline for the length of time a training session should be as the puppy grows older?

    Also, training time is separate from play time....

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    DefaultRe: Length of training sessions

    Hershey Kisses is 5 months old. Completed a Puppy Beginners class. Early Obedience starts in one week. This is a combination of what the instructors told us, and my own thoughts which mostly are the same.
    (1)Train every day to reinforce, repetition eliminates the need to repeat.
    (2) 2 to 15 minutes per session depending on dog and mood of same.
    (3) ALWAYS end session on a positive, tends to make a bad short session extend to a long session trying to get a positive rewardable response. (Probably my fault.)
    (4) Add distractions to already established commands. Working on this during the 4 week break in classes has really been showing tremendous benefits. I take Hershey for walks on a wetland trail folks use the same as I do, for just walking themselves, jogging, and just nature appreciation. I typically only encounter 1 other person or group at a time. We have gone from holding Hershey back on a short lead, to accepting and obeying command to sit or down on the end of a long loose lead, to yesterday when we walked the whole distance, 9 encounters, no lead, no breaks in attention or obedience. I wonder if this will repeat this year.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.


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