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    Defaultneed help!

    rocky was doin good with housebreaking for the past months.he had a couple of accidents but that was when he had a diarrhea .last weekend we sent him to dog boarding..came back home last tuesday..that night he did his normal thing like he used to..we woke up in the morning i hear him whining.sure enough he pooped and peed in his crate.i let it go coz my wife said she gave him a cup of yogurt the night before,i was thinkin maybe hes not used to it..but then thursday morning and friday morning he did the same thing and he also did it in the afternoon ..the poop is not im ruling out diarrhea..what could it be?idk what to do anymore?did the boarding changed his bathroom times and maybe got used to poopin inside the crate?please help us..thanks.

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    DefaultRe: need help!

    a cup of yogurt? why so much? A dollup will do.

    Also, how big is the crate? If it is not divided and he has room to poop and pee without laying in it...he's gonna go....make it smaller until he get's it. He shouldn't be doing this at 8 months.
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    DefaultRe: need help!

    When do you feed him? how often? Have u learned to read the signs he will most often tell u after he eats? "Dad, it's time for me to go?" (gastrolcolic reflex) which normally happens 30 minutes after feeding.How long do u have your dog locked up in the crate for normally during a 24 hour period? And u have said he was whining when u discovered he had soiled his crate? How far is his crate from your room?I'm sorry but these are questions you need to answer for yourself. Nothing is automatic when it comes to the proper training of your dog, he was not preprogrammed to be perfect. It seems to me that YOU will need to become CLOSER to your dog to understand why he is doing this at 8 month's my friend. Remember to clean his crate thoroughly with an enzyme eliminating cleaner.

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    DefaultRe: need help!

    I'm with Dani, a cup of yogurt is too much. I give Oona a tablespoon once a day and she is an adult dog.


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