Is trim that tasty?
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Thread: Is trim that tasty?

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    DefaultIs trim that tasty?

    Hey all....I've been reading the boards for awhile and now need some help. Our Lucy is about 8 months old and has been terrific so far. The only problem we've encountered is when we try to leave her in the kitchen/mudroom area instead of her crate when we're out. She keeps deciding she needs to chew up a section (6 inches or so) of trim. I guess I'm extra confused because I've never actually seen her chew on trim, ie, she never does it when we're home. She doesn't chew furniture or anything else she's not supposed to when we're around. It's just the dang trim when we're not home.

    Is she just too young or not ready yet? Or is there something else going on? Should I try leaving her in a different area? Does leaving her out of her kennel making her nervous?


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    DefaultRe: Is trim that tasty?

    We have not had a problem with Hershey Kisses (5 months) eating the kitchen trim. However, she paws at (scratches) it at ever opportunity. It is like she thinks something is hiding behind it and she has to have it.
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    DefaultRe: Is trim that tasty?

    Train LEAVE IT. You'll need it for other purposes, anyway, so the time is ripe. Then, you need to catch her chewing the trim. Can you arrive home from work 10 mins early. Or cut the car motor as you drift into the driveway silently? The point is to walk in on her chewing it and issue a stern LEAVE IT!!!

    And then praise.

    Other than that, you can try Bitter Apple or Tobasco or some other deterrant, but for us, none of those worked one whit.

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    DefaultRe: Is trim that tasty?

    I have tried bitter apple and tobasco with Marlan, but it didn't work very well. I would suggest kenneling her when you aren't home. It is a very good thing to do. Marlan is 10 months old and I still kennel him when I am not home. He doesn't seem to mind it.

    She is doing it because she is bored.

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    DefaultRe: Is trim that tasty?

    she's obviously too untrustworthy to be out of her crate.
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