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    DefaultCrate selection criteria

    OK the puppy is becoming a dog and we need to get a big crate instead of the little puppy one. Any thoughts on what kind would be best for keeping the dog in for the future? We bought a cheap plastic one for him as a puppy but are trying to decide if we want to stay with the Vari kennel type or go with a wire one.

    Any thoughts or pieces of advice? Hope I'm not repeating a question asked many times but the search didn't return any results.

    BTW, Honcho is now over twenty pounds at 4 1/2 months doing water retrieves. Taking to retrieving like a duck to water

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    DefaultRe: Crate selection criteria

    Hershey Kisses, 5 months, has a VariKennel and an old wire one. Both the same size. She likes both. However, she only sleeps the night in the VariKennel. We switched mats to test if it was the more enclosed (solid walls and roof of the VariKennel, or the mat. It appears it is the enclosure.

    The above is for what it is worth based on one dog.

    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    DefaultRe: Crate selection criteria

    Our breeder recommended the Midwest Lifestages crate with the moveable divider. We got it through (toys and pet care products at low cost!!) we have the large one 48x30x33 We used it for Windy and now it's JJ's turn. It has worked out great.
    Knittwhit, Windy &amp; J.J.<br />....this is now.<br />

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    DefaultRe: Crate selection criteria

    I have a wire one. I used to cover it with a sheet because I heard that the dogs feel unsafe without the cover. This wasn't the case with Marlan because he would always pull the sheet back or try to pull it through the holesin the crate so he could see out the window.

    I think they are both equally good. The only problem that we have run into with the wire one is the fact that we can't take it on an airplane so may need to buy/borrow a Varikennel.

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    DefaultRe: Crate selection criteria

    Well I have had Charlie in two wire crates and I am amazed that he has actually gotten out!! Where the sides meet the top he has learned how to squeeze out. It is very frustrating.
    <br /><br />My work in progress.....Charlie

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    DefaultRe: Crate selection criteria

    Our dog likes his LifeStages wire crate. Our dog is one year old, and has split the bottom pan in two places, one split being 4", and the other 6" long. He also broke out one corner of the bottom pan--a chunk about 3 inches long by an inch across. The company was polite and quickly sent a replacement for no charge.


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