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    Sasha is now 13 weeks old and has a terrible problem of biting. I know she just wants to play, but it's totally unacceptable. She isn't showing any aggression when she does it. Quite the opposite in fact. If we are out walking and someone stops to pet her, she will sit there nice and let people touch her without any problems. She has never done it out on a walk. Especially kids, when they pet her, she is great (I always warn the parents that she is a puppy and does nip). In the house though, it doesn't matter who it is, she will nip at them constantly. It's to the point I have to put her up any time anyone is over, or she will just spend hours trying to bite them. If she is sitting there waiting for you to pet her, as soon as you do, she will try and bite. Any suggestions on how to stop this? It has to stop because it's completely unbearable. Someone comes over to meet the nice puppy and they leave thinking it's a hellish dog because the dog just spent half an hour biting them constantly. I am currently looking for obedience classes, but none seem to be starting any time soon.

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    DefaultRe: won't stop biting

    mattjf --

    This is one of the most talked-about problems on this forum. There are lots of lab puppy owners who are, or have been, in your shoes. Looking ahead, this problem does get better. Puppies are obviously full of energy; this combined with teething can result in an unbearable situation -- but it is temporary.

    The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is have patience -- but be very consistent with your discipline. There are a number of ways you can discourage your pup from chewing on people, and encourage her to chew more appropriate objects (chewing, however, is a necessity as labs are a mouthy breed, and teething only exacerbates this). I would suggest that you do a searches on the terms biting, chewing, teething, etc. You can also do a search on my username, as I asked numerous questions about this very issue back a few months ago, and got many, many good replies and suggestions from folks on this board. There is most certainly a wealth of information here on this very issue -- just do some searches and you'll find it.

    Again, patience, and consistently discouraging the "people biting," and you will find that this problem will really improve with time. I am sure that your Sasha will turn out to be a wonderful pup -- though I can understand if you doubt that right now. I doubted it too for quite awhile and was at my wits end. I can assure, things have REALLY changed for the better in our situation, and this is the same experience that others have had on this board whom I've spoken at length with. Hang in there!


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    DefaultRe: won't stop biting

    I still stand by the ONLY method that worked for us....

    When they bite, yelp in a high pitched tone AS LOUD AS YOU CAN like a hurt pup then IMMEDIATELY turn your back. It should be so loud and quick that you startle the pup. Then he/she realizes that this hurts you and not to do it anymore. This is how puppies tell EACH OTHER not to bite so hard.

    Trust me, it works. The trainer did it ONCE to Marlan and he never bit again.

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    DefaultRe: won't stop biting

    The yelping helps. Also make sure you have a chew toy to substitute. If she is teething try frozen carrots, they love them and it soothes their poor little mouths. Windy still loves her carrots for treats.


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