He Started Whining in the Crate at Bedtime - ALL NIGHT!
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Thread: He Started Whining in the Crate at Bedtime - ALL NIGHT!

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    DefaultHe Started Whining in the Crate at Bedtime - ALL NIGHT!

    I did something. My husband did something. WE did something - WRONG!

    Ranger was fine the first two nights. Popped him right into the airline crate with his little things and he went straight to sleep.

    Last night, our third together, it was DEMON PUPPY!

    He howled, screamed, barked, cried, did gymnastics, everything.

    He was empty. No poop, no pee. His lunch was a little earlier than the day before, so at 2am, I fed him.

    He ate. And, screamed some more, until 4am. He did not need to go, however.

    Finally, I set up his exercise pen up on the covered patio (we live in So. Cal, warm climate), put his little things in there, put some ear plugs in my ears and went to sleep until 830.

    Hubby said when he got up about 5-530, Ranger was sleeping. And, he stayed sleeping until just before I woke.

    We did the usual, although he wouldn't poop. I shrunk the pen back down, put it in the kitchen, put him in it while I prepared his breakfast and he started barking like crazy...again. Like an idiot...you guessed it, this time it was poop and my first "missed it" with him.

    How am I supposed to tell the difference between an "I'm pitching a fit bark and a let me out to go potty bark?"

    He cannot stand being left alone for a second.

    Did we spoil him too much the first two days? He was by our side most of each day.

    How do we sleep tonight? I'm exhausted?

    I'm pitching that airline crate. I want to just use the exercise pen and fold it way down since it is completely see through and he can see everyone more clearly as well as the other two dogs.

    Please help me. It was starting out so fabulous and then last night, reality hit me in the face like a ton of bricks!

    I'm going to lay on the couch. Ranger is taking a nap while listening to The Gauntlet with Mr. "Make My Day". He does like his action movies, he was actually watching MI3 last night. Strange little guy.

    I am out of sight, the little critter cried for a few minutes and then gave up. He's sleeping soundly through the house noise and his shoot 'em up movie.

    Thank you for your help I look forward to your responses!


    Ranger, My little Hershey's Kiss - Dad's Name is Hershey - How Cute is That?

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    DefaultRe: He Started Whining in the Crate at Bedtime - ALL NIGHT!

    Cute puppy! Our Hershey Kisses is 5 months old. Set wire crate up in our bedroom from the first night, her plastic one is downstairs on the main floor. Bedtime 10 pm, barks and whines for a minute and then sleep until 2 am. Bark, howl, whine, and take her out. She leaks. This is the pattern for a week, then up at 1 am, out, no leak. Then up at 3 am, out, no leak. At 6 when I get up, out, leak, in, eat, out, and poop. Three more nights like this and we give up. Put her in the downstairs crate at 10, she sleep until I wake her at 6. This has been the pattern ever since. We tried two night since then with her in our room, and both times we got the up every 2-3 hours for attention.

    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    DefaultRe: He Started Whining in the Crate at Bedtime - ALL NIGHT!

    You just have to ignore him until he gets the message that it's bedtime!! It takes a couple of nights. Remember that everytime you acknowledge him, he wins. You have to be tough and ignore him!!

    That being said, if he needs to pee/poo you have to be in tune to that. It just comes with knowing your puppy and his signals for when he needs to go out. I would say that at this young, he probably needs to pee/poo twice a night.

    So... take him out once before bed. Then put him in his kennel and ignore his whining till he stops (hopefully 30 min. max). Then he might wake up once around 1am - he probably will have to pee/poo then. Take him out, re-kennel him, then ignore his whines and cries again. And likely he'll wake up once more to pee/poo before morning. Repeat the previous steps.

    Hope this helps!

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    DefaultRe: He Started Whining in the Crate at Bedtime - ALL NIGHT!

    I always use the airline crate for our foster pups and i drape a thin blanket over the top so that they can't see out. I place the crate right next to my side of the bed and if the pups whines I try to ignore it but if they squeal or bark or throw a tantrum, I smack the top of the crate with my hand and tell them to hush.

    Usually the pup is startled just enough to get them to stop and usually I only have to do this a few times before they get the message.

    Something else we use is a sound soother machine. We use it in the bedroom at night playing either white noise or the sound of rain and the constant background noise helps the pups stay alseep.

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    DefaultRe: He Started Whining in the Crate at Bedtime - ALL NIGHT!

    at this age you can't distinguish between whining to go out or whining for attention, at least i haven't been able to with my 13 week old pup Storm. you just have to take him out. and out. and out. and out. with my pup when we first brought him home, he had to be carried down a step onto my deck and then carried down 4 steps to the yard or he would go poo/pee right on the doormat outside the door or he would go on the deck. not to mention he had diarhea for the first 2 weeks we had him because he had coccidia. so he went poo about 6 times a day.
    make sure you cut off his water by 9 pm and feed him early enough so you minimize the late night whining to go out. what i do is when Storm starts his whining i will take him out. bring him in and recrate. if he whines a 2nd time i take hime out again. i recrate and then ignore any further whining. he pee'd and pooped a few time in the crate the first 2 weeks i'd say, but most of the time it was my fault for leaving him crated too long. i'v had him home for 4 weeks and he hasn't pee'd or pooped in his crate in over 1 1/2 weeks. (knock on wood)


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