Feeding Suggestions While at Work
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Thread: Feeding Suggestions While at Work

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    DefaultFeeding Suggestions While at Work

    Right before I brought Ranger home, I was offered a job.

    It's 6 hours a day, about a 20 minute commute, one direction.

    I am concerned about how I should give him his afternoon meal.

    My husband works further than me, my college age son has finals and will be starting summer classes soon too.

    Should I just put extra food in the bowl?

    Maybe buy a time released feeder?

    I will be keeping him in a exercise pen during this time on our back patio. The other dogs will be outside too, so he will have some company, but not in the pen with him.

    As for relieving himself, we aren't sure how that one is going to work out.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!


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    DefaultRe: Feeding Suggestions While at Work

    6 hours and 40 minutes without feeding isn't going to kill him, give him a kong toy with a treat in it to amuse and entertain him while your gone.

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    DefaultRe: Feeding Suggestions While at Work

    I'm gone for that long in the afternoon. Because Oona woofs her food I feed her 3/4 cup of dry food 4 times a day. I feed her between 5am to 6am, 11am to 12pm, 3pm to 4pm, and 11pm to 12am.

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    DefaultRe: Feeding Suggestions While at Work

    The 7 hours really should not be a big problem. Any way you could get a neighbor or trusted friend to come over and let the pup out? By keeping the pup in an ex-pen while you are gone, expect some pee and poop mistakes. Ex-pens are large enough that it allows the pup to eliminate and get away from it. It may delay house training a bit, but you should still be able to cope. I "assume" the pen is in the shade, there is plenty of water, etc., etc. Be sure the ex-pen can not be knocked over (if it is a mobile folding type), and tht the pup can not dig under it. There may be more dangers involved with leaving such a young pup outside unattended than leaving it in a crate indoors while you are gone.
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