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    Molly is almost 5 and is having back problems. She just got back from a few days at a specialist and she doesn't need surgery like they were originally thinking (woohoo!) BUT she is on a "no activity" restriction: only leash walk for up to a quarter mile a day FOR THE NEXT 4 WEEKS. This is BAD... she's extremely active... she does the quarter mile just in going out to take care of business before bed! It's only the second day and she's driving me nuts. I feel absolutely terrible because all she wants to do is play and she's not allowed! My s-i-l didn't even recognize her right off today when we were walking because she is so depressed - her tail and ears are down and her eyes are all droopy. All she does is keep sighing. My dog has more personality than most people I know (If only her "sissy" Sadie would take after her... she's the more "happy go lucky" type of dog... not a whole lot of personality other than just being happy all the time... I'm so not complaining!)

    She is very intelligent, the type that knows it after being shown or told just one time. So I need some ideas of things we can do in the house that doesn't involve a lot of physical activity. I don't really need advice on *how*... just some new things to try. Her favorite indoor sport is hide and seek with one of her toys (she has a basket full, probably 15 of them, and knows them all by name!) I just thought of one while I was typing that part... I think I'll teach her how to put her toys away!

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    You are on the right track. Mental games will wear them out just as much as physical ones. Teaching her new tricks (obedience and "stupid" dog tricks) is a good idea. Hide and seek is always good too. Have you seen the "hide-a-bird/bee/ squirrel" toys? Those are great for mental stimulation. You can get them at Petsmart.

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