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    DefaultToo early to train?

    At 11 Weeks, is it too early to train Harley? He is already taking to his leash well, and seems to respond when I say 'Harley, Come!' with very little tugging of the leash. That's when I do it, for the squirts, you can forget him taking them serious; I think it's an alpha male thing or he sees me as daddy or something. He's doing good on potty training, having never pooped in the house, and only a couple of piddles. He definitely knows when I pick up the leash it's time to go outside...

    So how old before you start training them?


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    It's not too early! Just remember that he's a baby, so keep training short (5 min. sessions), light, and fun. No corrections. This is a great time to teach sit, down, off, leave it, out, and recall, and to start to work on heeling. There will be ups and downs, and he will forget things, but it's great to use this time to instill positive habits. Also check around to see if there is a puppy kindergarten class near you that uses lure and reward training--it's fun, positive, and effective, and it generally is the easiest approach for new trainers to learn.

    Have fun! He is a cute little guy.

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    ^^^ I agree with what is written above.

    Definitely start teaching Harley his name, sit and how to wait until you say OK before mealtimes.
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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    He is absolutely NOT too young to train. We started training Dozer the day he came home (@ 8 weeks old). They pick up on things quickly at this age.
    Dozer (04/01/09) & Moose (01/02/13)
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    I start doing "puppy push ups" and recall work VERY early w/ my litters. Recall is as early as the puppies go outside (5 wks or less) and it's a matter of "Puppy puppy puppy-- Come!" (very excited voice and kibble for reward). My 9 wk old has been doing basic heel work, and sit, down and stand (puppy push ups). Birds... and puppy teeter. Havent hooked a leash to her yet but may this weekend. Absolutely no force is needed imo to make them come to you-- just reward /happiness. Anne

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    Both of my boys started their training the day they came home at 8 weeks... crate training and what I call house manners (this included their name, sit, down, stand, come, wait, off, no bite, leave it) as well as extensive socialization.

    They both also started kinderpuppy classes by 10-11 weeks, Ollie had his first exposure to birds (other than at his breeder's) at 12 weeks and was in Competitive Puppy obedience classes before 20 weeks.

    So no, it's not too early to train. Keep your sessions extremely short and FUN. End with your pup wanting more. Have fun with Harley!

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