Really REALLY frustrated with houebreaking Cassie - HELP!
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Thread: Really REALLY frustrated with houebreaking Cassie - HELP!

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    DefaultReally REALLY frustrated with houebreaking Cassie - HELP!

    Cassie is now 17 weeks old and STILL peeing in the house. I'm beyond frustrated. I'm trying to stay calm, but it's getting harder every day.

    A little history, Cassie came home with us at 11 weeks old. She had a severe UTI, so she was peeing in teeny, tiny amounts constantly all day long. No matter how much time we spent outside, which is a lot, she still had accidents in the house. Many, many, many accidents. We have mostly hardwoods floors and I did my best to clean up every spot with enzyme cleaner to limit the amount of her scent that is in the floor. I recently used my hardwood floor cleaning machine, with the enzyme solution in it, to thoroughly clean the entire floor area in the house.

    We struggled for many weeks to clear up the UTI and it seems to finally be gone, I hope, and I was counting on this to bring us near the end of the housebreaking phase. Not so. I take her outside frequently and always give her tons of praise and treats for urinating outside. She still goes in the house. When she does, if I catch her I do an "Eh-eh" sound and bring her outside immediately to finish and clean up the spot on our return. If I do not catch her in the act I simply clean the puddle up. She is never, ever scolded in any manner - no matter how steamed I feel. I know that's not right.

    She is crate trained (sleeps in the crate at night and spends any time we're not home in the crate) and does not soil her crate. She is taken outside immediately before being crated and immediately upon taking her out of the crate, and usually goes in both instances. But she will pee again 20-30 minutes later if she is loose in the house. It seems she has no idea that she is supposed to wait for outside time to relieve herself. If the urge strikes she simply goes.

    What should my next steps be? I don't feel like I should be keeping her crated all day long while the family is home and around the house, it just doesn't seem right. The high praise outside and "eh-eh" discouragement when caught peeing inside does not seem to be doing the job. I don't know where to go from here. HELP!!

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    DefaultRe: Really REALLY frustrated with houebreaking Cassie - HELP!

    For the short term, you have to either supervise her (either in the room with you, baby gated/doors shut, or tether her to your belt) or confine her to her crate.

    Make a schedule and stick to it as much as humanly possible.

    For example:
    let her out of the crate in the morning and take her outside immediatley, on leash. She'll more than likely pee, and you can have a party and give her a treat.

    -tether her to you and head back inside, giving her breakfast as you make coffee and your breakfast. When you're done eating (about 5-10 minutes after she's eaten her meal), take her back out, again on leash - chances are good she'll poop. Have a bit of a playtime, then back inside to her crate for a nap.

    midmorning, repeat - immediately outside, party time for successful potty, playtime, back to crate

    Lunchtime, repeat

    midafternoon, repeat.

    dinner time and then again mid-evening. Take her water up around 9 pm or an hour before bedtime.

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    DefaultRe: Really REALLY frustrated with houebreaking Cassie - HELP!

    Ditto to exactly what kaytis said.

    I let my current dogs have little freedom until they were reasonably reliable. I'm not saying I crated them all day -- hardly -- but if they were loose they were close to me, being watched 100% of the time. Even if I was simply sitting watching the television I had my eye on them constantly.

    Don't forget that she is only 17 weeks. It is certainly not unusual for a 17 week old to still be having accidents, especially one that has had a bad UTI. Her UTI will have naturally slowed down her progress but she will get there if you persist.

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    DefaultRe: Really REALLY frustrated with houebreaking Cassie - HELP!

    One thing to add to the great advice here, from someone in the middle of housebreaking! (fun fun! )

    Take her out OFTEN. We take Baloo outside to "the spot" many times a day. If he doesn't go, we just take him back in, if he does, party time!

    This increases the likelihood that you will be outside for when she goes, and then you have more opportunity to reward her! Eventually, she'll start to make the connection in her mind!
    Baloo - 5 year old black lab
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    We're Superdogs!

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    DefaultRe: Really REALLY frustrated with houebreaking Cassie - HELP!

    Have Cassie checked for Cystitis?

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    DefaultRe: Really REALLY frustrated with houebreaking Cassie - HELP!

    First of all........your dogs are just adorable!! Love the pic!
    We had a lab that had the same problem as a puppy and she was 4 months old and still peeing all the time. She even peed in her crate! She had a chronic bladder infection that would just not go away and we spent hundreds of dollars on antibiotics and they would just never go away. Come to find out Josie had a 'misplaced' bladder that was anatomically incorrect and she was born like this. Nothing we could ever do would cure this. She had to become an outdoor dog on a farm and not an indoor dog like we had hoped to have.
    Just a thought maybe to mention to the vet next time you have her in and make sure her UTI isn't recurring.
    Good luck......I KNOW how frustrating it can get.

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    DefaultRe: Really REALLY frustrated with houebreaking Cassie - HELP!

    This sounds so much how Ranger was. My vet checked his urine and thought he may have a kidney infection so he put him on an antibiotic. Which may or may not have helped. There were times he would drink and have to pee every 10 to 15 minutes for an hour. I was constantly cleaning up. I had to make sure he went outside after every little bit of excitement. After every meal. After every little nap (even if it was for 5 minutes). I praised, praised, praised. Verbal and with treats. I never let him out of my sight. It took lots of time. He has only had 3 accidents in the last month. Yeah Ranger! ;D Just be consistent and patient. I was also taking his water up an hour before bed and of course he didn't have it in his crate all day. My vet thought maybe I was limiting his water too much which was making him drink even more and urinate even more. So, I quit taking it up and it really seemed to help. Although I did not ever put it in his crate with him. Good luck!


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