puppy's first nail trimming
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Thread: puppy's first nail trimming

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    at what age would it be too young to start trimming a puppy's nails? i have a 11 week old black lab pup and i believe he needs his nails trimmed. i went out and bought a pair of nail trimmers today but i want to make sure he isn't too young to have his nails trimmed.
    i did a search on here and found some tips on trimming nails on black labs because the quick is hard too see.
    i've been trimming the claws on my two cats for years now but i have never done it on a dog.


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    DefaultRe: puppy's first nail trimming

    It's never too early. I started trimming our pups nails when they were 2 weeks old. They are now 4 weeks old and I'll keep trimming at least once a week until they go to their new homes.
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    DefaultRe: puppy's first nail trimming

    ok, thanks for the info.


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