For those of you with 2 or more dogs
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Thread: For those of you with 2 or more dogs

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    DefaultFor those of you with 2 or more dogs

    (just realized I put this in the wrong section... oops.)

    Have you ever had one seem like they were telling on the other? I was at my desk a few minutes ago and Madison came up and loudly barked in my ear (her bark is more like a very loud yip"... so I got after her, there's no barking in the house. Well........ I felt really bad not a minute later when she kept sniffing around on the floor and it was then that I realized that Sarah had piddled on the rug! I felt so bad. Madison was just trying to tell me Sarah did something naughty. The girls had just came in from outside not 5 minutes before that.

    Madison is definetly going to keep an eye on the little one and tell when Sarah does something wrong, lol. ;D

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    DefaultRe: For those of you with 2 or more dogs

    There always seems to be a "referee" in groups (2 or more) of dogs.

    Murray and Essy aren't allowed on the furniture yet Essy thinks it is great fun to use my sectional as a banked turn whenever she and Murray are wrestling/butt tucking. It's funny to see Murray's face when Essy gets up there too. He immediately looks at me like "Mom! Essy's on the sofa!" and Essy says
    "Tattle tail!"

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    DefaultRe: For those of you with 2 or more dogs

    I know Bunny has gotten into trouble, every time Bear comes to me with a beat doggie face.


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