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    My pup (Malley) is almost 12 weeks old. Malley was a typical puppy from 7-11 weeks, but now she seems to have a lot less energy. She isn't interested in doing any retrieving, doesn't seem to want to do any walking, has stopped biting (which is nice but odd), and just is generally mellow and wants to cuddle and hang out. Should I be concerned or is this just part of her growing spurt she is in? Could it be related to the dog we "dogsat" for the last two days- just out of the routine of life? Or is a mellow 12 week old lab as odd as it feels?

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    DefaultRe: Lack of energy

    Does Malley seem healthy in every possible way? alert, responsive, good poops, eating all her food, etc? if your gut instinct tells you that she is fine it may well be her mellow personality that is starting to emerge.

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    If she is normal in every other way and you don't think she is sick, it could be that the dog you 'dogsat' for the past two days just wore the little pup right out!!

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    I agree with MarlansMum, if she seems fine in every other way the other dog might just have worn yours out. I just got done dog sitting this past weekend and it took nala almost two days to get back to her normal active self she is 10 weeks old. I would wait a day and see if she gets better. After the other dog left nala also wanted to spend some quality time with me in my lap alot more than usual i think it was because she didn't give me much attention while the other dog was here. Please keep us posted.


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