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    DefaultLast minute tips.....

    So I am finally bringing my new puppy home tomorrow!!! She's a 12 week old black female. We are very excited!!! I still have have a few questions regarding puppies....

    1. At 12 weeks, how long of a walk should we be taking? I don't want to over do it but I want to make sure we are getting our excercise and are exploring as much as possible.

    2. At what age is it okay to start using a pinch or slip collar? I want to get her on the right track on the leash as soon as possible. I have had much success with a pinch collar, but the dog was already a year old when we started.

    3. Any tips on bringing her into her new home? I've already puppy-proofed the whole house and yard (Hoses, electrical wires, coffee tables, etc..). How do I introduce her to her new enviroment?
    (on a leash, let her roam...??)

    4. What's a good age to start going to the dog park? I want to socialize her as much as possible so she is used to strangers and dogs.

    Thanks everybody!!!

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    1. No walks - keep her in the yard until she has all her shots. If you take her to the vet or a store, keep her in your arms. Parvo is potentially deadly and she can pick it up from surfaces.
    2. IMO- neither until your dog is significantly older - like 8-10 months. A puppy that small can be trained just as simply on a flat colllar. A slip collar on a little puppy can cause tracheal damage.
    3. Either leashed or loose is fine. When she is let off the leash she will explore - you might as well get that out of the way first.
    4. Dog park - after all shots - and only with other vaccinated puppies. There is no value in my opinion in throwing a young puppy in with older strange dogs. Fears can be imprinted during several key development periods in young puppies and a bad experience with a mob of unruly adult dogs can be lasting. I would save the DP for older than 6 months - when she is a little better able to fend for herself. I personally HATE dog parks and prefer to have play dates with dogs who are known entities to me and my dogs. Many people on here have had better experiences with DP - and a lot has to do with the park's logistics and quality of the visitors.

    Seriously - pay attention to the vaccination schedule and keep her away from strange dogs and areas where dogs are until she is fully vax. Socialization can be had in puppy class - where all the puppies have proof of vax. Or you can get her with other dogs belonging to friends where you know they are vaccinated. Not something to fool around with
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    ^^ what Sharon said

    Can't wait to see pictures of your puppy! Congratulations!!!

    And think about puppy preschool? It's a great way to socialise for a few weeks with other puppies who have had their shots and are the same age etc...

    Def. socialisation with older dogs that you know and trust. And socialise her in your home with visitors and neighbours etc... kids are good too! Lots of fun for you new little puppy is to come! How exciting!
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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    Please also read through the thread linked in the "Our Best Advice" post.

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    Ditto what Sarah and Sharon said.
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