Play Pens, Do you Recommend? Size? Material?
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Thread: Play Pens, Do you Recommend? Size? Material?

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    DefaultPlay Pens, Do you Recommend? Size? Material?

    From everything I've read, I need to purchase a play pen for the new puppy.

    Is there a minimum size?

    Should it just be large enough for a crate or bed, toys, water, food and a puppy pad?

    I have brand new tile floors, in the entire house, (except in the bedrooms), so scratching is a concern. I saw a plastic play pen that won't scratch floors. Is plastic a good choice, or will chewing be a problem?

    Would the local pet store like Pet's Mart be a good source for purchase or should I look for someplace on-line?

    I have a very open floor plan. There is absolutely no way we can use gates.

    Thanks again, for all your help and patience with all my questions that have probably been answered a hundred times (although I was good and checked archives, LOL).

    Thanks so much!

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    DefaultRe: Play Pens, Do you Recommend? Size? Material?

    No puppy pen and no puppy pads. Just use a crate.

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    DefaultRe: Play Pens, Do you Recommend? Size? Material?

    You can probably get an exercise pen that attaches to the front side of the crate, so the crate won't need to be inside - more like annex. I'd say bigger is better, measure the max space you can alot to it and get as many x-pen panels as you need to enclose that space. You can get glides for the ends so they don't scratch your tile but that might make it pretty darn easy for your pup to move the panels around and adjust their own space. I wouldn't spend big bucks since it's temporary. I really only kept my Cassie gated into the kitchen area very rarely over the first two weeks or so, more when the kids needed a break from her than any other reason. If you have tile floors accidents shouldn't be a huge issue and you'll find yourself leaving her out so you can hang and play/cuddle/be with her more often than you might think.


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