Puppy doesn't listen to commands outside only
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Thread: Puppy doesn't listen to commands outside only

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    DefaultPuppy doesn't listen to commands outside only

    Hello All,

    We have an 8 month old male puppy who is a joy to be around....Except now that the weather is warmer we are spending alot of time outdoors. I've found that he doesn't listen to me AT ALL outside. He won't leave it, he won't come, he won't retrieve outside (he will do this inside - did this alot in our playroom over the winter - not throwing things far by any means but if we tossed something he would retrieve inside) anything I ask that he will routinely do inside he will not do outside now. Everything pretty much becomes a game of chase.

    I desperately need help. It's not enjoyable at all to have him outside. We are fenced in so he is not on a leash...is that the solution?

    Oh and we are in obedience training already.


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    DefaultRe: Puppy doesn't listen to commands outside only


    Have you ever practiced these commands before when he's been outside?

    Most dogs won't generalize. This basically means that to them, "sit" means "place butt on floor" when inside, but nothing at all outside, or in the park, or even in a different room sometimes!

    Try practicing his obedience commands outside, and pretend that you're teaching him all over again (since it is a command that he already knows, it shouldn't take him long to figure it out) Use treats, the whole she-bang.

    Also, it's a good idea to practice commands with different people, and in different situations. For example, tell him to "sit" when you're lying on your back on the floor, instead of standing over him. The more ways you change it up, the better he'll become at generalizing.

    Theres some really great stuff on training (especially for the "come" command) in the "our best advice" thread.

    Hope that helps!! ;D
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    DefaultRe: Puppy doesn't listen to commands outside only

    Baloo has summed it up perfectly!

    Also - there are sooooo many more distractions outside. birds, cars, people, smells...it never ends (even in a quiet back-yard). Just because a dog can sit when it's just the two of you inside the house, does not mean he will sit outside with a stranger nearby, or a child within eye-view or a dog walking by.
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    DefaultRe: Puppy doesn't listen to commands outside only

    2 other suggestions in addition to the great advice Baloo317 gave you.

    Attach a 30 ft. long 1/4" (6 mm) dia. line to the collar when outside to make it easier to grab. (These are called "long lines" or "check cords".)

    Do your training at normal mealtime and feed with a NILIF/NFL protocol ("Nothing In Life Is Free"/"No Free Lunch") --a command, the command is obeyed, then a few kibbles from your hand. Obedience to each command brings a few kibbles each time. It makes a meal slower but it's very efficient training.

    (AND when outside, as Baloo mentioned, VARY the places you train because dogs do not generalize well.)
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