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    I've had my little alligator now for about a week and am having a lot of fun with her. It's also very frustrating at times. She is 9 weeks old right now. The biggest problem I'm having is she thinks it is ALWAYS play time. If I let her, she would run 24 hours a day. In the morning I either take her outside and play with her in the backyard, or I take her for a brisk walk (I had heard it's not good to walk 9 week old puppy much. is that true? has to do with needing shots still). I then come in, play with her a few minutes in the house, and then put her in her crate so I can shower. I get out of the shower and let her out of her crate. She runs at full speed back and forth around the house. Finding stuff to get in trouble with, chasing me, etc. I try and ignore her as I get ready and just let her play with her toys. It doesn't work though. She also gets breakfast at this time.

    I then go to work and a few hours later, come home for lunch. I let her eat and take her to the back yard to play some more. She runs in the back yard for 20 minutes or so during lunch. I then go back to work and come home at 5pm. At 5, I get home and either take her for a nice long walk, or play with her in the backyard again. She runs in circles, chases balls, wrestles, etc. We play for an hour or so.

    Later at night, I'll take her out again and play with her. The problem is, all the in-between time, all she wants to do is just run and play and never calm down. Unless she is in her crate, she absolutely will not sit down and rest. I've even started jogging with her and that doesn't do it. The only way I can get anything done is to crate her. Is it normal to have to crate her in the evening? After play, I have to put her in the crate just so I can sit down for a minute, or even eat dinner. When I want to watch my favorite TV show, I have to crate her or she is running full speed the entire night.

    Any advice?


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    This sounds normal, and will last for a long time. They always want to play, especially as puppys. You will probably just have to wait it out, I am no expert as I have only had one lab puppy in my life, but murphy was, and still is the same way. Just make sure to show her what is acceptable and what is not. If she is grabbing your things get her toy and put it in her mouth and praise, so she realizes that its good to play with her toys. It takes a while of consistency, but you will notice a difference after a while. She is still young, after a couple months go by you will think back into times like these and think about how much she has changed. Good luck!

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    Let the fun begin lol , wait till she begin's nudging u with her nose, "com'on Dad, Let go do something fun!"


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