Potty, is he doing it for attention
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Thread: Potty, is he doing it for attention

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    DefaultPotty, is he doing it for attention

    Hi, im new on here and have been reading lots of the helpful hints as I have a 4 month old pup.
    We are having trouble with him going to the toilet in the house whenever he cant get to us. So if i need to go to the toilet even if he has been already he will squeeze one out on the carpet while he cant see me or if we are in the front garden he knows we are out there and he will go right in front of the door which is the closest he can get to us.

    Is this normal and is there anything I can do or is it a case of he will grow out of it.

    Any advice will be much appreciated :O)

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    I would doubt that this is a statement on his part. Puppies will go whenever they have the urge and it takes a while for them to learn control. The best thing you can do is:
    1. Take him out (not let him out) on a regular schedule and PRAISE him when he pees or poops outdoors - make a really big deal out of it.

    2. Make it hard for him to fail. Do not leave him alone in the house out of your sight. If you cannot be watching him, crate him. I would never leave a puppy on his own in the house while out in the garden - you are asking not only for him to have an accident but to get into any number of dangers in your house. It is safer to crate him.
    3. When you can watch him do so - even if it requires you to keep him on a leash near you indoors. Immediate intervention when he does have an accident - scooping him up and bringing him right outside - is the only way he will learn where he should and should not be going.

    4. Thoroughly clean the area where he has had the accident with a enzyme neutralizer like Natures Miracle. You need to make the urine odor undetectable to a dogs nose.

    Good luck!
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Thanks verry much for the advice, ill have a go and see how we do. i dont have any of that cleaner so will go get some and start cleaning.

    Thanks again

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