HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?
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Thread: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

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    DefaultHELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    I will admit, I was a bad minpin mommy (this sounds bad, but Peanut is kind of my "before-I-knew-better" dog )

    She was not properly socialized around young kids, and as a result, she is TERRIFIED of small children. (She also had a few bad experiences with my mother's neighbour's devil children..ugh.)
    She works with me as a therapy dog, and cannot go anywhere where she may encounter children. (we go to a lot of nursing homes! ;D ;D)

    Soo.... I would like Baloo to be a therapy dog as well when he's all grown up, and I don't want to have this limitation with him. But I have thought and thought, and am stuck. :P

    Help! Where do I find (reliable!!) kids who won't scare him the way Peanut was scared?

    I've thought of hanging out by schools and such, but firstly, I don't want people thinking I'm some kind of creepy perv, and more importantly I'm afraid that we will just run into more devil children, as there is no way to guarantee that these particular children are dog friendly.

    I should note that I do not have children, none of our friends have children, I do not have any immediate family with small kids (youngest is 13, doesn't really count) so I don't know where to go!! ???

    Any ideas would be great!! ;D
    Baloo - 5 year old black lab
    Peanut - 7 year old minpin
    Monster - 3-ish year old frenchie/jack, rescue
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    DefaultRe: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    Dani, Rider & Rookie
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    DefaultRe: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    Yes, parks. And how about neighbors? Do your neighbors have kids? If so, watch some of these kids....see friendly ones? Invite them over for time with your dog. The dog benefits from the exposure, and the kids benefit, learning how to treat your dog properly, and play with him; you're there to supervise and make sure all goes well
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    DefaultRe: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    [quote=Dani ]

    Parks are good- just make sure to enforce a "One kid at a time" rule with the puppy.

    You can also take him on walks in starter home neighborhoods- they tend to have lots of young couples with kids.

    I had this issue as well. Gabby is still excessively fascinated by them, but has mainly discovered that the little buggers tend to carry food or food smells with them wherever they go.

    Oh- just another socialization tip- I would sit at a park bench at my university outside the freshman dorms. Hand treats to kids, have them fuss over the puppy. It was great
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    DefaultRe: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    I have two nieces, but Brigetta is still afraid of children (and people) she doesn't know, so I'll take her to the park, and to the pet store. There are always children there. She does better in the pet store (we are still working with her comfort level in wide open spaces).

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    yeah, I would agree with parks...I take my dogs and get mobbed by kids...and you would think parents would know better but most kids just run up and hug before they ask if it is okay to pet my dog. You could also find out when school lets out and take a walk up to the school and back when all the kids are walking home. I have walked my dog up to the school many times to get my kids and I have lots of boys and girls asking to pet the dog.
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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    I agree with going to the park.. When I take my girls anywhere and someone (child or adult) I have them ask first before touching them. If its a child I explain that I would like them to ask first before petting them and explain that not all dogs can be as nice as my girls. If its an adult I explain I don't want the dog to be messed with/touched. If I feel the person is worth explaining to I will tell them why I don't want them to come up and just touch (thats not very often). If its an adult with out children and they do that I will say my statement and walk away..
    I feel it is VERY important that a person ask to pet another persons animal first before doing so.

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    DefaultRe: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    I have kids, but I have been taking Ruger with me when I drop off/pick up my kids from school. Kids will try to run up to us but I can see them coming so I pick up Ruger and ask them to not run towards him and to be gentle. I also keep treats in my pocket so that if Ruger acts a little fearful of a child I can have them hand him a treat. If you don't have kids I would try this at a park.

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    DefaultRe: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    Training classes. Lots of people bring thier children to puppy training classes.

    I think one of the best puppy socializing tips is to take Baloo everywhere. Outdoor seating restaurants, busy town centres, car rides, trips to the store. You are guaranteed to meet plenty of kids that will be swarming him with attention this way without actually "knowing" any.

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    DefaultRe: HELP!! Where do I find Kids!?

    I take Piper to parks. We do run into a couple of ill-mannered children periodically, but they are usually easily corrected in how they deal with my puppy. Most kids either just want to pet the dog or have parents with them who will ask me first. Most kids don't seem to ask unless a parent is promting them to do so, but Piper is friendly enough that we haven't had problems.

    It's also a great (though frustrating for me) place to work on commands in a VERY high-distraction area!

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