puppy doesn't care much for food
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Thread: puppy doesn't care much for food

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    Defaultpuppy doesn't care much for food

    Ever since we got our pup he just hasn't seemed too interested in his dry food (Iams Large breed puppy) probably because the guy we got him from fed the pups cooked bear and venison. Anyways I want to get him on a feeding schedule, so how can I get him to eat his food when it is set out and not like 4 hours later? If I put green beans or sweet potatoes on it he'll gobble it up but I really don't want to have to do that every time. Thanks.

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    DefaultRe: puppy doesn't care much for food

    I would put it down about four times a day, for a maximum of 15 minutes each time. If he doesn't eat, then he has to wait for the next feeding.

    soon he will learn that he should eat when you put the food down, because it won't be there for very long!

    this will get him on a schedule, and it will also give him the opportunity to see and acknowledge that the food comes from you, which helps with them learning their place in the family "pack"! ;D

    Note: sometimes it takes a few days for them to get this idea, so try and be patient!
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    DefaultRe: puppy doesn't care much for food

    I am trying the 15 minute thing with Ellie now too - just started this morning. After being home for about 2 weeks she starting loosing interest in her food. She used to eat it up right away. For the past 4 weeks or so she just eats a little, then leaves it. She usually will finish it up within an hour or so. We'll see how it goes.

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    DefaultRe: puppy doesn't care much for food

    Baloo is correct. Put the food down for 15 minutes then pick it up and put it down again at the next meal time. You can put some warm water in the food and let it sit for a few minutes before giving it to him it would soften it up some and some puppies prefer it that way. I would not put anything else in the food though until he's eating it well by it's self.

    It may take a few days before he eats but he will not starve himself. Also no treats during this time only his kibble. If you're training you can use some kibble for treats.

    If he's used to Venison maybe try getting a venision based food there are several out there but they are a bit more $$ .
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