Best chew toys for 1yr old labs?
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Thread: Best chew toys for 1yr old labs?

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    DefaultBest chew toys for 1yr old labs?

    Hey all-

    I had posted in the general forum asking for suggestions to keep one of our labs from chewing the woodwork. I got a lot of suggestions about crating him, we crated our first lab but this lab was a rescue and we *hoped* our first, Goliath, would rub off his good behavior on Jake. No such luck. We crated him last night while we slept and though I thought Goliath would taunt him we never heard a word out of them and they both slept soundly. Funny enough, now that I'm home I have him out of the crate and Goliath is all curled up in it... looks like I'll be purchasing another crate... lol

    Anyhow, my reason for the post is that I'm finding that toys that once seemed to be pretty resiliant have now become but mere pieces all over my floor. So my question is, before I head out to petsmart/petco, what toys do you find stand up to your chewing labs. If it's of any help, both will be a year old in May.


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    DefaultRe: Best chew toys for 1yr old labs?

    My girls love nylabones....They are pretty good and will give but not break. Another great toy that if you can get them to chew on is a Kong. The black kongs are the strongest. Beware that if you get the kong that is to small they can swallow it and it gets lodged. I would go with a big kong and maybe even stuff it a couple of times so they get used to chewing on it.

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    DefaultRe: Best chew toys for 1yr old labs?

    My Bailey just turned a year in March & we've gone through a lot of toys.
    I find Kongs to be the best, no matter what style. As well as hard Nylabones. She loves to just sit & chew, not play really & these stand up.
    I've also gotten Bailey the "Huck" & "Hurley" from & love it (both stood up really well).
    I've also recently bought some balls from, I tried to find the name of them but it looks like you have to create an account to look at the toys, but they were orange & silver and they've stood up really well too!
    Good luck!


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