Help - 6 Month old not sleeping through night
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Thread: Help - 6 Month old not sleeping through night

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    DefaultHelp - 6 Month old not sleeping through night

    I am new to this board and are in need of some suggestions for getting our 6 month old to sleep through the night. She was sleeping through the night at 4 months old and then got sick with Giardia and had accidents, so we got up to let her out. Now she has been better for a month, but is still barking/whining to go out at 2am and 6am every night. Her nighttime routine is no more water after 8pm and last potty trip around 11pm then into her crate for the night. We get up at 6:30am to start the day. She doesn't sleep in our room, do you think it would help her sleep all night if she was in our room? Should we ignore her because she should be able to sleep all night? She eats her evening meal around 5:30-6pm, would eating later help her sleep at night? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!! I'm tired!

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    DefaultRe: Help - 6 Month old not sleeping through night

    Hi Welcome.

    Not real sure about any advice. But when Mambo was close to that age he was doing the same thing. It lasted about a month and than he went back to the normal sleeping habbits. But right after that I started to let him sleep out of the crate at night.

    Good luck. Hope someone can help you out.

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    DefaultRe: Help - 6 Month old not sleeping through night

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    DefaultRe: Help - 6 Month old not sleeping through night

    Does he go out to pee when he wakes up? Or does he fart around outside? Mar used to do this and we would always take him out. Then we realized that he didn't even have to pee when he went out, it was just a big game to get some play time. We started telling him to go back to bed and within a couple of nights he was sleeping through.

    I would let her sleep in the room with you. And if you think she won't have an accident, try letting her sleep on a pillow on the floor.


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