Stopping on walks?
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Thread: Stopping on walks?

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    DefaultStopping on walks?

    I didn't find much when doing a search on this. Ellie tends to just stop and sit while we are walking. Sometimes it is because she sees something or someone, and she is probably scared. Other times I don't have a clue why she does it, but it sure is frustrating! Sometimes pulling on her leash does the trick, other times a treat works (but not always). I don't like to pull her leash too hard, as I'm afraid of hurting her. She is better when both my husband and I walk her...he has the leash and I walk ahead so she tends to follow me. If she stops a lot of the time just calling to her in an excited voice does the trick. When I walk her alone is much worse. Is this something that pups usually grow out of by a certain age? Maybe it just takes time? She is just about 4 months...

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    DefaultRe: Stopping on walks?

    When jager was 2.5 month's old I began walking with him everynite, showing him how to basically heel, and/or ...not pull the lead, he did quite well! I live in suburbia (outside the city of Norfolk Va.) so I got him quickly used to stopping and sitting at street corners(whenever we stopped walking) before we would cross only because everyone over here who drives a car thinks they have the right of way through the neighborhood and I wouldnt want Jager to stumble off the curve and get nailed.
    She may be stopping because it all seems unfamiliar 2 her, or she smells or hears something not familiar, thats not a big deal she will soon grow out of it. It maybe that your dog responds better to his voice then your's, however practice makes perfect, and soon enough your lab will do the same 4 u, just dont be afraid of hurting your dog by pulling on the leash, labs are tough dogs and the breed is known to handle alot of physical abuse (not by their handler/owner of course) due to their ancestory and what the breed was meant 2 do for humankind. I couldnt ever imagine wanting 2 jump off some fishing boat in the frigid waters off of Newfoundland / Labrador, 2 retrieve fishing nets......and then wanting to do the same thing over, and over again. BRRRRRRR!
    All the wasted time searching for those wasted years.

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    DefaultRe: Stopping on walks?

    Bring a baggy of something like string cheese, something that has an aroma. When she stops open the bag in front of her just to get her moving again. If you want to give her a little bit its OK, but only when she is moving.


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