My Poor Dog....stupid harness
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Thread: My Poor Dog....stupid harness

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    DefaultMy Poor Dog....stupid harness

    I purchased the Travelin' Dog Car Harness and I am livid at this time. They say it is the safest, easiest, most durable blah blah blah....well, that may be true but not today. Keep in mind that i may not have set it up right, because it very well could have been my fault. Anyway, I put her in the car and attached the harness etc and we carried on. At one point when i went to open her door she was adament about getting out, she attempted to jump out and therefore the seatbelt was strapped around her front limb and she was stuck halfway out of the vehicle! It must have looked like i was torturing my poor dog to the passers by. I felt terrible, it was horrid. She could have really injured her leg! Needless to say, i did get her out but now she will most likely never want to put that thing on again, and rightfully so!
    Has anyone any solutions or suggestions as to what i may have done wrong?
    Even just relaying the instructions would be great.


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    DefaultRe: My Poor Dog....stupid harness

    Hmm I also bought a seat belt harness for my puppy and honestly, it was the most useless piece of crap! I don't think they are made for puppies or young dogs because they move around a lot and can get easily tangled in the seatbelts, etc. I only used it a couple of times before I gave up on it - it seemed to do more harm than good. I had a couple of experiences similar to yours.

    I think they are better for older more calm dogs. How old is your dog?

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    DefaultRe: My Poor Dog....stupid harness

    nu-mum (and MarlansMum), will your pups still fit in a crate in the car?

    I think for a puppy and, an adult dog (if your vehicle allows) a properly secured crate is the best way for them to travel if you're finding that they're getting tangled up in the seat belt.

    Henry (now almost 4) wears a seatbelt harness in the car and has done so since he outgrew his car crate. We have a small car, so crating him is not feasible for me. We've been lucky though as he's done very well with it and pretty much just sits and watches the scenery or lays down and naps. His harness doesn't attach to the seat belt either, it attaches to the same anchor point that you would secure a child's carseat to. I keep the strap short, so that he can't reach the door.

    nu-mum, does your harness have an adjustable strap, or does the seat belt loop through it? (I've seen some like this)

    Now is also a good time to teach your pup a "wait" command, meaning that she is not allowed to leap out of the vehicle until you give her the okay to. This will be very helpful when she gets older (and heavier!!).

    Good luck!
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