How much to feed?
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Thread: How much to feed?

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    DefaultHow much to feed?

    Hey everybody,
    I had a question about feeding. Sophie will be 10 weeks old on Monday. Right now, we are feeding her 1/2 cup three times a day. I'm worried we're not feeding her enough. She attacks the food!! A friend got one of Sophie's sisters and they are feeding more. What do you all think? Thanks!! Jill

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    DefaultRe: How much to feed?

    1. Call the breeder.
    2. Call the vet.
    3. I was feeding Gabby 1 cup three times a day at that time. It depends on the pup, the food, and the activity level. It's a decision that should be decided with your breeder and your vet.

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    DefaultRe: How much to feed?

    how big is yor dog and how many calories per cup?

    also, what does the bag say? Bags usually, but not always over estimate the amount.

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    DefaultRe: How much to feed?

    I would talk to your breeder and also your vet, like gabbysmom advised. When we brought our puppy home at 8 weeks old she was being fed 1 cup of dry kibble (Pro Plan) 3 times a day. We have gradually increased that amount to approx. 1 and a quarter cups 3 times a day. I watch her closely, and try to watch the amount of treats we give her. She looks fine to me, not too chunky, not too lean. Although you'd think we were starving her the way she devours her food!! The breeder said better to be on the lean side than the chunky side. Good luck with your new pup!!


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