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    Defaultan update

    Just wanted to let you know that Amber has stopped pulling as frequently and has really picked up on walking gently.
    I am just happy and wanted to share the good news!
    There is hope!

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    DefaultRe: an update

    What did you do to get her to stop?

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    DefaultRe: an update

    I used some training techniques from the internet.
    Basically whenever she would pull i would stop. She would then look at me and i would praise her for stopping. She continued to pull for many walks after that but i would bring treats, and when she was by my side, i would give her one out of my pocket (making by my side seem like a great place to be). I also give her a treat if she was well behaved on the walk. And i would use the word "easy" and stop when she would pull.
    My significant other is not very consistent with what i do; he thinks that i should just let her be a dog. I won't even get into that because i could go on for hours.
    Lately I've noticed, which is somewhat comical, that when he is walking her she is pulling, but when i walk her she is not!
    She respects me for this! (ha ha)
    Anyway, so far she's been great and i have not used any leaders or other assisting devices.
    It worked thus far, we'll see!
    How are your walks?


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