Puppy and the rain
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Thread: Puppy and the rain

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    DefaultPuppy and the rain

    Is it bad or hazordous at all for a puppy to spend time in the rain? We have a doggie door leading in and out of the house, and we let our puppy roam, and he often spends time outside. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, is it bad if he prounces around in the rain. I dont really care about cleaning the house, I just dont want my 8week puppy to get sick :'(

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    DefaultRe: Puppy and the rain

    Rain and a puppy is a great thing and the pup won't get sick. With my puppies, every time it rains, I go out with them and as soon as I step outside I start to play with the dog like crazy and I get all happy and excited. This way the pup learns early that rain is a good thing and nothing to be scared of. it comes in handy - trust me. So get out their and play with the dog in the rain!!!! I would not leave the dog outside in the rain with no shelter for a long time, but playing is a good thing. The more you expose the dog to during this 8-16 week range the more adjusted your dog will be. Anytime the pup is going to experience something new, have some treats ready. Dogs do not get colds like we do.

    PS - A downpour is a different story. If you can barely keep your eyes open out there, your dog won't like it much. But a steady rain is good.

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    DefaultRe: Puppy and the rain

    I agree with everything said above.

    The rain won't hurt your puppy but you should be very cautious about him roaming. A small puppy should never be left unattended. They can get themselves into trouble so quickly you don't want to risk that.

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    DefaultRe: Puppy and the rain

    Puppies at that age tend to mouth everything, just like human babies. I would not let your pup roam unsupervised, as leaves, twigs, grass, mushrooms can really upset their tummies. Toby was never alone while in the yard and I fished rocks and all the above out of his mouth while he was little.
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