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    DefaultQuestion from Rookie dog trainer

    Hi there -- I'm currently working on training a dog for the first time beyond basic stuff like sit, stay, etc. My dog is a 10 month old male chocolate Lab. We recently completed a basic obedience course and are in the middle of a puppy retriever class with our local retriever club. He has been doing really well with stuff like front sit, remote front sit and recall over short distance from front sit. The problem we are having is on marks -- in the class we will have someone tossing the dummy who is 50-100 yards from the line. When I call his name he'll sprint to the mark like a furry brown bullet, but once he gets there and picks it up, he'll go off-line and I'll have to run out there an rein him in on the check cord.

    The other night we were practicing at home doing basically the same thing over a much shorter distance -- about 40', the length of our driveway, with my wife throwing the dummy at the end of the driveway. I had him on a check cord long enough that I could let it run through my hand and keep hold of it all the way to the mark -- so I would shout "here" and blow the whistle 3 or 4 times as soon as he got the dummy in his mouth -- we did about a dozen retrieves and about 1/2 the time he'd stay on line and come right back (for which I praised him enthusiastically) and 1/2 the time he'd do the same thing as in class.

    So -- any tips/advice for helping him learn to stay on line would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    DefaultRe: Question from Rookie dog trainer

    For being just 10 months old, I'd say your dog is doing great!!! He's still pretty young to expect 100% concentration. Keep up the good will pay off!

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    DefaultRe: Question from Rookie dog trainer

    Can I ask what he does when he gets "off line"? gets distracted and takes his time coming back with the retrieve?


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