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    Hey all--
    just got went home on my lunch break and let the puppy out to play and potty and such...everything went fine...gave him a little handful of kibble to stimulate his bowels, went outside about 10 minutes later, and he threw up three times! It was grey-ish in color and full of the puppy kibble I had just given him. Should I be worried, or is it kind of equal to a baby spitting up? (He's about 10 wks old) I feed him Iams dry large breed puppy food. He had been romping around pretty heavily with my older lab prior to the little snack, if that matters at all...
    Kind of worried, with all the tainted dog food issues lately. Although, he has no other symptoms of being sick...after he threw up, he went right inside and started to play with his toys again.

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    It probably was because he was playing hard just before eating. I'd just keep an eye on him. You might want to watch the recall issues - they were saying something about possible issues with the dry food and I know IAMs was on the wet food list of problems. I don't think anything definitive came out, just some concerns.
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